Preparing your child for initial visit:
            Talk to your child a couple of days before the visit
            Tell your child your concerns and problems occurring
            You are going to be with them at the session
            You will be seeing a therapist but not a "shot doctor"
            The therapist is like a "coach" who helps kids
            The therapist will asked them a lot of questions
            The therapist will help the family to get "unstuck"
            Tell your child that the sessions are confidential
What will happen in the therapy sessions:
           Some sessions will be play therapy and some family therapy
           Beginning of each session - 
                    the therapist will "touch base" with everyone
                    review any homework or assignments
                    ask for feedback of what has happen between sessions
          At the end of each session -
                     the therapist again will "touch base" with everyone
                     provide non-confidential information
                     schedule another appointment
                     discuss relevant homework assignments



At Lynnfield Psychological Associates, we will always comply with state law which requires that we inform you and/or appropriate authorities if your child or others appears at risk for serious imminent harm.  We may also suggest the relevance of talking with others such as a doctor or school personnel, but we will always ask you to sign a formal release
of information before contacting anyone about your child.
There are some legal exceptions to the complex laws governing confidentiality.  If a situation arises at our practice your therapist will always make every effort to fully discuss it with you before any action is taken and will always limit any disclosure to what is absolutely necessary.